Huge thanks to Alastair and Marcus for the brilliant audio work!! Same to Ian for the Sneaks voice!! :)


My first animated parody is up

2017-01-18 15:03:11 by Ant0on

Huge thanks to all the talented audio and voice guys who made this video possible. 

have a good one

2016-12-25 07:51:35 by Ant0on

Just found out Americans celebrate Christmas only on the 24th, unlike Europe, where its also on the 25th (Christmas day). Anyway, enjoy the holidays!


Delight's Plight trailer

2016-11-06 05:58:02 by Ant0on

For all those who haven't checked my channel, here you go :

Game demo by NightRaid-NG

2016-10-12 03:04:35 by Ant0on

One NG buddy made a demo of his game, so he would really appreciate it if you checked it out.


update on upcoming premiers.

2016-10-08 13:15:07 by Ant0on

Hi, all

Ive been keeping this a secret, but the new film is nearly ready for premier. I'd like to keep it a surprise which series it is part of (at least for those who didnt take part in the project ;)), so the premier can happen any day of this month, as soon as the last edits are done. Oh, and it will be available to view exclusively on Youtube for some time, so if you want to see it on launch and you haven't subscribed to my channel yet, now is the time!

Another project is Delight's Plight, a game I have been working on since 2014. I posted a bunch of gameplay clips on youtube recently, and now that I got in touch with some very talented musicians on NG, I think the trailer that I am aiming to release on Halloween will be a lot better with the selected tracks of these guys. This doesnt mean that the search for talent is over of course, as there is still lots of time before the official release (whenever that is). More info on this until the end of the year.

Just a bit of news on whats going on. October is a fun month, no?