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I do cartoons and video games. Oh and comics, when I have time.

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Hope you guys are having a great holiday season! This year was pretty good overall I found, so I hope the next one can be even better.

So anyway, just as my YT channel is about to reach 300k subs, Ive come to realise that I now seriously need help with animation. I have had some minor help with clean up/inbetweens from local school kids this year, but it wasnt too great so I ended up finishing their work myself. 

As some of you fellow animators may know that doing this type of work daily can be extremely exhausting. Im already ok with ditching my social life, but Id still like to have a bit of peace of mind knowing that I can rely on someone in times of stress etc. So anyway, I want to build a responsible team who is passionate about TRADITIONAL animation, so to be clear, I'm not looking for tween animators who dont have experience wtih traditional methods (frame by frame etc.). Basic knowledge of the 12 principles of animation is enough, so not like you need to be a Calarts artist or anything. The ideal artist would need to know basic anatomy, both realistic and cartoon based, so that aniamting stuff like the Simpsons, Sonic or Cuphead isnt a problem,

I can pay up to 1-1.5k$ for now for assistance with inbetweens and cleanups/colour. I think itd be better if I pay task-based for the first month, so I can see how fast you are and what you actually can do in this time frame. In this case Id give some work on a single scene, to clean up/redraw the characters/color and of course correct the frames in case something is off. So model sheets are very important in my projects, as I have many parodies to work on I like to have them as close to original as possible. I know this may sound boring, as so many artists prefer to draw in their own style, but I think imitating the original gives a greater believability and its funny how some people cant tell if its real or not. 


Anyway, let me know if you or anyone you know would like to work for me.


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