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I am one year closer to death

Posted by Ant0on - February 27th, 2020

The clock is ticking and it actually is kinda exciting to see how much more time I will be given in this world.

So why am I making this post? Well, I don't want this to be an attention seeking attempt to get the copy/paste 'happy birthday' replies. Instead, I'd like this to be more of a QnA. So its more fun to know what you guys are interested in. You can ask me literally anything, but I'll probably avoid the spamy posts.

I also want to thank everyone who has been following me over the years, it's amazing that so many of you enjoy what I do, and while I have trouble focusing on one series, I do my best to keep up with all the ones I started. I actually have a ton of unfinished projects, which only need a few editing sessions to complete, but I always get distracted by something else so I rarely get back to them. Fun fact, it took me over a year to complete Rubber Hose Feud, as I was taking too many breaks and stopped working on it for months.

Anyway, ask away. Oh, and heres a little fanart I got recently, which I thought was insanely well made.


If anyone will ask, heres a little shot from the music vid Im making. ( I traced most of the characters here tho, but Tom is fully animated in the vid :)




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Feed of the blood of your enemies! You will absorb there lifespan!

The biggest enemy I have is me.

If you'd had infinite drawing skill+speed, what type of stylization would you stick to, toonish one or more realistic? Your thoughts about Tartakovsky's Primal?
P.S. Happy B-day man! Wish you +50hp, legendary item and prosperity to you and all your close ones.

Thats a great question! I would definitely stick to my cartoony style, but still trying to have the human anatomy more or less realistic in some characters of the same setting (see me second Phone Wreckers trailer), since I like to mix things up. I think Tezuka Osamu played a role in inspiring me to go with this approach, to have both cartoony and realistic characters together.

About Primal, I still have not see it, but I will eventually. I was a big Tartakovsky fan ever since Dexter, but I think I lost a bit of love in the Symbiotic titan show. It just felt so unoriginal and predictable, as if he took a random sci-fi anime from the 70's and put it in his own trademark style.

And thanks man, I definitely need more HP in case coronavirus comes my way .

When do you plan on getting some rest? You look like you've been running on energy drinks to a point where your animations will probably start being sponsored by Reign.

Also, there's no link to a Patreon or tip jar on your profile. What if somebody loved your animations and wanted to throw a small bit of love your way? How would they be able to do that?

Haha I avoid energy drinks, but I sometimes get a sip of the magic potion that is coffee. One sip is enough to get me going when im in a slump.
And that's a good question about the pateron links, I always forget to put them, because it still feels like e-begging and Im not quite there I guess in terms of fan numbers to have that privilege in getting crowdfunded.

@Nekidcoboy @Ant0on Then you definitely gonna like Primal, it's as non-mainstream as it can gets. Genndy finally spread his wings.

Whats Killing You? (probably a bod question)