Entry #7

Just a thanks to all of you guys

2017-06-30 10:15:49 by Ant0on

It's been 1 year since I joined NG!! It's been a blast to be here, I love that this place focuses on pictorial art only, so no live-action crap. Also, it still amazes how many insanely talented people are dwelling here! I only regret not joining this site sooner.

I'm also extremely grateful for all the people who like my work, it really helped to grow and become more confident when making art. Really appreciate all the nice reviews and general support you all provided!! Cant ask for better fans.

My Youtube channel has just reached 20 000 subs, so I thought I'd do a little animation to celebrate with everyone who followed me, so this is huge thanks to NG as well! (I'm not leaving this place in case I gave the wrong idea lol)



More films will come this Summer


EDIT: FIXED the 0 problem 


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2017-06-30 11:36:41


Ant0on responds:



2017-06-30 12:36:32

It's been a year for you? ME TOO!! :D

Ant0on responds:

This place rocks!!


2017-06-30 12:41:26

you're welcome :]

Ant0on responds:



2017-06-30 12:45:56

Thanks for being a part of NG! Gonna try and get you 20k follows on here some day too :)

Ant0on responds:

haha thanks, but don't worry about it, I am already happy with what I got here :)


2017-06-30 18:14:24

Where's Cherry Cheers? Did she consume the missing 0? Was the missing 0 actually a glazed, sprinkled doughnut? Can I have the other three 0s if they're all glazed, sprinkled doughnuts?

Ant0on responds:

HAHAHA WOW!! I did not expect anyone to remember Cherry :D And hmm I wonder if she really did mistake the 0 for a glazed doughnut, though if its 0 calories I wonder if she'd like it.
I really want to bring her back actually, as the whole comic is finished (3 new chapters), its just not colored. I gave up on her after I saw that barely anyone cared for it, but now that theres so much more audience/subs, I will eventually release the rest. Prolly would be sweet to have somebody dub the dialogues so that it becomes a comic video, like they did in the 1950's with TV comics.


2017-07-01 21:08:07

Sounds like a great idea, though I was thrown off by that response. I didn't even pay attention to the fact that her comic is the one with actual dialogue to it. Such a normal thing to see and, yet, I forgot that the rest of your work is mostly silent. Well, there's plenty of VAs on Newgrounds to dub it for you, if that's an issue.

As for the mistake on the picture, couldn't you have just edited her in with the missing zero by having her walk up to the "2000" while holding it up to the other numbers, then let the rest of the animation play out as normal? Probably more hassle than it's worth, I suppose, but if you post it on Youtube for the subscribers, I bet nearly every comment will feel the need to point it out.

Ant0on responds:

^updated GIF


But seriously, glad theres at least one Cherry Cheers fan. So just for you I called her over.

Oh great, now I feel guilty for not releasing any new chapters. Manipulative fellow, arent ya?


2017-07-02 08:56:43

You're always pleasing your subscribers, aren't ya? ...and, yes, I mostly am. I'd be happier if you had 19,999 fans on NG, so that I could click the heart to be your 20,000th.

I did mention a while back that I went through your Wordpress blog and looked over all those drawings. A lot of interesting content there. Cherry's comics just happen to be uniquely interesting among your works.

Ant0on responds:

You're already in mah heart ❤

This settles it, Cherry will return sooner than ever!


2017-07-02 14:17:30

Excellent! If I can help in any way, or if you've got a tip jar of some kind, I'd be happy to donate. Also, you can be in my heart, as well... right next to all that cholesterol and my hatred for mankind. ❤❤❤

Ant0on responds:

Woah thank you, thats really kind of ya!! I've always postponed the Patreon account, but its getting harder and harder to keep up with all this animation/art which doesnt bring any income outside the ad revenue from parodies (which is peanuts). I think in the following months I'll make an account, so that I can also afford all the music/sound guys who have been helping so far on most of the films. And who knows, maybe one day I wont have to do random day jobs anymore and focus on producing constant content. Adult life does suck tho lol


2017-07-02 15:22:38

You don't even have to bother with a Patreon, if you don't want to. Many contributors find it difficult to provide a variety of bonuses to justify different tiers of monetary support. Take @KungFuSpaceBarbarian as an example. He has a "Tip Jar" link on the "Contact Info / Websites" of his profile, and it leads to a Paypal gift amount for whomever wishes to donate/support him and his enthusiastic variation of D&Ding, and that's all it is. "Here's my PayPal. If you love what I do, and you're that sort of giving person, then I won't say 'no' to a free dinner tonight." For me, if I can't even find that, then I'll do something indirect... like buy a Supporter status for an artist. It's not much, but the added forum, dumping ground space, emoticons, and lack of ads are still convenient bonuses.

Ant0on responds:

Well, this sounds like a really good idea, but sadly I'm an idiot who can't figure out how to set that up no matter what I do (also turns out Paypal has made the process more complex since 2013).
So ya, I really think Patreon is a better option, not to mention I got a ton of unreleased material and giveaways that I am willing to have Patreon exclusive. Also, I'll try doing animation sessions (in 5 languages, plus retardian) or whatever people wanna learn about the artform. But the biggest bonus I think will be the direct voting on the film's story choices, so that the supporters can contribute to what happens in the next episode. Sound like a good offer? Well, I hope so.
BTW thanks again for the Supporter status! Feels like I'm part of the elite.


2017-07-02 15:36:36

Flimflamslapyourmam is the man!