Premier of Sneaks-Episode 3 is up!!!!

2017-02-24 19:27:31 by Ant0on

Huge thanks to Alastair and Marcus for the brilliant audio work!! Same to Ian for the Sneaks voice!! :)



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2017-02-24 23:04:54

Metroid was shut down, huh? Seems appropriate.

Ant0on responds:

Same fate as Megaman, poor hand-cannon wielders.


2017-03-19 04:18:35

Mr. Sneaks' timing is incredible and his poses are spot-on. Not gonna lie, wish I could animate like that.

Ant0on responds:

Thank you! And I'm sure you can animate in any style, as long as you practise every day the fundamentals of animation (even a stickman figure). I mean if you look at my older stuff you can see where I started (Bully King Ep.1 on youtube lol). I am thinking I should do a video on all the books that have helped me in animation, but still, the biggest lesson you can get is by animating yourself, even if you dont like the result sometimes, its all about discovering what works for you:)