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Hey you! Yeah, YOU! Got an offer for ya!

Posted by Ant0on - April 16th, 2019

If you're age 30 or under (BUT IF YOU ARE OLDER THAN 30 THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR YOU, so keep reading down below), you get a special opportunity to work abroad in my small but growing animation studio in Estonia (Tallinn). I didn't decide the age limit, its the stupid Visa programme that made this weird choice lol. This is for anyone living outside the EU too, so anyone from US, Canada, Russia or whatever can come here for work, AND you actually get extra payment from this programme, not to mention they pay for all your travelling expenses, rent and food etc.! So you would get paid from both the studio AND the visa programme, how cool is that? :D

So for those who are 30, you are not gonna be discriminated, do not fret. You will simply not be part of the Visa programme, but you are still welcome to work in our studio!! You will get still paid and everything, it will be only from the studio though. I think its still worth it to come, as you will learn a whole bunch of stuff while working together with the team and also living abroad.

We got a bunch of nice cintiques (screen tablets) for your comfort, so no need to drag anything here. If you have a strong PC/laptop, that can still help though.

The only other requirement is that you gotta have already some decent experience in animation. So anything from keyframes, inbetweens, editing etc. you have to already know how its done in basic terms at least. ALSO super important is the drawing skill, if you suck at drawing cartoon figures from model sheets, then this will be a huge minus point on your resume, since we value drawing quality over anything. Your other skills can make up for it though, so lets talk then.

So yeah, let me know if you are interested!



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Greetings Ant0on, after much consideration and thought, i am 100% interested in this one in a life time oppertunity, i have a Professional Certificate Degree on 2D and 3D animation, i've known to draw since i was 7 years old, i've done a PAP animation with a score of 17/20, i've worked for small online companies such as PWE (Perfect World Entertainment) and ArenaNet as a concept art entry for contests.

I am a part-time artist who lives in Portugal at the age of 27 (Almost 28 in June this year), drawing is my passion and my dream job to be, i've worked on small projects such as a small team company named Liz Prism with a group of friends in game development, working as the concept artist.

Here are some of my best works online: https://www.deviantart.com/snychampionsonline
And heres the animation i've worked on for the PAP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIp76NGT4qU

If you have any questions let me know and I'll answer them, should we need to keep in contact sometime around, i'd be happy to oblidge!

Here i shall leave my email contact: Filipe.Ismael.Braga@hotmail.com

I'm no animator, but this is definitely an awesome opportunity for the animators on the site. Plus everything paid for and living in Estonia! I hope you get some awesome candidates!

im not a good artist, but im definitely happy to see you offering this cool opportunity to young artists, good for you!

your movies/cartoons are great, BTW.
keep it up!

This sounds like an amazing opportunity! I'm totally interested and would love to know more.
I'm a Melbourne based artist that has been itching to put my animation skills to real use.

I've been working in the games industry for over 10 years with my key strengths in 2d animation, but also wearing just about every hat possible. I've designed and produced games, coded games, game art assets / brand and IP development, web development, graphics design, audio and video.

Here's my portfolio site:
Instagram art folio

I've been itching for a new experience outside of gaming, in the neighboring world of animation. More so for an adventure away from my home in Australia.
Please PM or email me - I hope to hear from you!


hey man, sorry for the long delay to reply. Had to go through a lot of messages recently. But yeah, I can see you can draw pretty well. The animation can be tricky though, as I see you use tweening and many shortcuts to animate. We do only frame by frame stuff, so yeah that can be problematic. I can send you a little test, so we can see if you can do this type of work

Good luck <3

That's amazing! I'm not an animator myself, but good luck to everyone who's interested in applying and thanks for making this offer available!

Didn't realize you were so close by! Been over in Tallinn twice just the past year - do you have an open studio it might be possible to drop by if in vincinity? I probably don't have the required merits for that kind of work but would be cool to see how and what y'all are doing over there. :) If non-profit very short term guests are acceptable.

Also this is a really awesome offer. Cool to see all this interest this quick. Hope you gain some awesome talent here.

Oh hey, youre from Sweden? That is pretty close, and sure, it'd be cool to have you visit here. Let me know when you're around and stuff :)

Awesome. :) Will do.

u said drawing is essential and im quite good at it though never done any animation. but thing i wanna ask is that im a school student now and one year is left for that so my question is that do u have any deadline kinda thing. can i come after sometime later becoz this seems a lifetime opportunity for boy from developing country. anyways i love ur stuff good to see someone is creating quality still on ur own.

hey, cool to see you are interested. And thanks for the kind comments. It all depends on the country you come from, as I just found out recently that this programme is for EU people only, and not for other continents as I first thought. Still, you can work here regardless, it will be on a different programme and visa though.
Oh and no, there is no deadline, I seek good animators all the time :)

@MyeScomity @Ant0on im not from eu but still it would be a cool to work by ur side

Hmm.... I might consider later in the future.